Striving for quality

Osco is a "Sabina DOP" extra virgin olive oil, certified by a test panel of six professional olive oil tasters.
Pressed and unfiltered from a variety of Sabina hand-picked olives, it has a yellow-green color, a pleasant fruity aroma and an assertive yet gently sweet taste. Its balanced taste makes it a perfect addition to – or as the main ingredient in – almost every dish, and it looks great on any table. It also makes it an excellent host or hostess gift, as an original and sophisticated alternative to a great wine.

Osco Sabina DOP is available in the US at the best price through a network of home sales agents or can be purchased online on this website. It is also sold at some of the best retailers, including the foodie favorite Zingerman’s.

Nutrition Facts.

Acidity: 0.1 – 0.3% average. What is this?